Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello Family!!

First of all I want you to know that I am feeling SOOO much better today. I was really really sick all last week, but today it seems as if I woke up healthy. Don't ask me how that happened, I have to give all credit to Priesthood blessings, prayers from all of you, and miracles. As I woke up healthy, Soeur Brough has developed a sinus infection. Poor thing! I am doing everything I can to take care of her, like she did for me the entire last week.

Well, this last week was definitely the most uneventful week of my mission. I literally slept all day and all night for the last week and a half. Soeur Brough would wake me up for meals and hospital visits, and sometimes just because she was lonely and wanted to talk. Poor Soeur Brough was going insane all week. She did lots of calls to our amis, area book work, reading, writing letters etc. Finally on Saturday our Zone leaders brought us a portable DVD player and since then we have been watching church movies a lot. It is amazing how a movie really does help distract from pain.

When I was awake I felt exhausted still, extremely nauseous, and my head was killing me. It was not fun and by far unlike anything I have ever had before. The doctors took blood tests and couldn't find anything wrong. So President Staheli had a German LDS doctor call me. I sent him my lab results and he said that he thinks it is just a really bad virus. When he calls me again today I can hand over the phone to Soeur Brough. She could even take my doctors appointment tomorrow too. Haha

Although our week was extremely unproductive, a lot of good things came from it. We didn't get to teach any lessons, but our amis grew to miss us more than before. They called a lot to tell us how much they miss us. It will be great to meet with them again soon. Also, Soeur Brough and I are definitely closer than ever. We were already extremely close, but then add in 1. Being in a TINY apartment together all day every day for an entire week 2. Serving each other with a genuine love, care and concern (food, reading me scriptures, making each others beds etc.) and 3. STORY TIMES- when ever I was awake we would just scratch each others back or play with each others hair and talk. We basically know everything about each others lives now. Haha It is an incredible blessing to be companions with Soeur Brough right now!

Some random fun facts about this week:

I am officially legal in France now. Elder Coburn and I had our medical and legal visits this Thursday. Everything was fine. While we were in line for the appointment we all played "Would you rather?" We were all laughing so hard we cried. They took and X-Ray of my lungs and I got to keep it. For some reason I thought it was really cool so I taped it up in our window. Haha

Also, whenever Soeur Brough and I would leave the apartment for a hospital visit or emails or anything we would pray to have a missionary experience. As always, the Lord grants us missionary experiences, even when we are sick. It seems as if we were contacted more than ever this week. My favorite experience was a man who came up to us when we were walking off the train. He was right in my face, speaking very loud about our name tags and Jesus Christ. It is hard for me to recognize when people are saying good things or bad things when they are in my face and loud, so I smiled and pretended to know what he was saying. Luckily Soeur Brough saved me and started talking to him. I guess that he said how happy he was that we have Jesus Christ on our shoulders. He then told us a little of his very spiritual conversion story and agreed to meet with the elders. I love being a missionary!

Most of the other people who "contacted" us this week were perhaps more interested in US then the gospel. (which is funny because we sure did NOT look our best- especially me!) One man stopped us and he was very friendly. He talked to us for a little bit then invited us to his house for cakes. We politely declined. He asked where we live, for our number, and how he can see us again. We explained that as missionaries we don't meet with men. He told us that he wants to learn English so we gave him a flier for our English classes. I obviously didn't go to English class this week but the elders came over that night and told us how the man came to English class and I guess he kept saying "Where is Soeur MacClaine? Soeur Maclaine!" over and over. The elders laughed and told him that I couldn't come this week and I guess he said " Oh well I think I will start English classes next week then. Can you giver her these cakes?" So that night the elders brought me the "cakes" he made me. We all got a really good laugh at that one.

I'm grateful that here in Evry Soeur Brough and I only teach women!

Yesterday Elder Paya from the 70 was at our ward. He spoke to us about missionary work. It was incredible! He told us that although China is not open to missionaries yet, it is really close and that it won't be too long before that happens. He said that once that happens most of the missionaries will be sent there and that means that church members will be responsible for the missionary work here in France. It was a treat to have him at church.

Our ward us actually really excited about missionary work. The 1st counselor in the bishopric pulled the missionaries aside yesterday and told us about the new ward mission plan to have 80 new members in the next 6 months. It is possible and I can't wait to be a part of all of it.

One last thing that I forgot to mention a long time ago is that they have officially changed the dress code for sister missionaries. I was in the big meeting in the MTC when they made the announcement. Sister missionaries do not have to wear nylons anymore and their skirts only have to go to the knee now. (That would have been nice to know a few months ago huh?!?! Haha) I will continue to wear nylons though because I am weird and love them. Haha

Actually it is already starting to get colder here. Today Soeur Brough and I are going to go shopping and buy winter coats and boots.

Well that is my week in a nutshell. I'm sorry I don't have a ton of fun news but at least I am well now. Thank you all for your prayers and love. I can feel them all the way from Little Africa.

Also, I really wasn't thinking and before I left the MTC I sent home a big box of all the mail I received in the MTC... so by doing that I lost all of the addresses that I had. So that is why I haven't been very good at sending letters.

Well, Please pray for Soeur Broughers (my new nickname for her) and hopefully we can get out and back to work very soon!

Love Eternally,
Soeur Andrea MAC-Claine :)

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