Monday, September 27, 2010

Good News Goose

Well I have officially finished my first transfer in France. I can't believe that I have been here for over a month now.

And next transfer...... I'M STAYING IN EVRY.....WITH SOEUR BROUGH!!!! We are thrilled to be staying here and to be staying together. (This is Soeur Brough's LAST transfer and her 5th transfer in Evry- so I guess it's kind of a big deal that we are staying together.)

Last week we continued to witness tons of miracles. We were contacted my several people, including families, who are truly searching for the truth and excited to invite us into their homes. Also, many of our amis are progressing wonderfully and we are helping them prepare for baptism. I know that Soeur Brough and I will have an incredible transfer together.

Well last Monday we went to Paris with Elder Coburn and Elder Riley (who is going home this week). It was SOOO much fun!!! We went all around Paris and basically saw everything. I will be sure to send pictures. We have a great district and have a lot of fun together.

Tuesday and Wednesday Soeur Brough and I were in Paris for a Leadership Training. (We were the only sisters there.) It was incredible and I learned so much. Some of the highlights of the training was- going to mass at Notre Dame (all 60 of us missionaries at the training- that was a sight), contacting in Paris, and seeing some of my MTC friends (before and after the training). It was great!!! And like I said it was blessing to be there. Soeur Brough and I are already putting into practice the things that we learned and we are already seeing a lot of improvement in our teaching and finding.

One of the things that we talked about was the difference between giving and getting. A lot of the time we focus on all of the things that we will get from doing something, but really it should be the other way around. As missionaries we should wake up every morning and get right to work- doing everything we can so that we can help others and most of all help Heavenly Father. The same goes for callings and church membership. Everything we have has been given to us by our Heavenly Father and we truly owe everything to Him. We show our love to Him by giving back. Having a "giving" mindset is helping me fulfill my purpose as a missionary, and I am already happier knowing that I have something to give. We all have something to give.

As I said before, we have had so many incredible RDVs this week. When we were teaching Wen-Lei (who I absolutely ADORE) the Plan of Salvation, Soeur Brough told her that we want to meet her in the Celestial Kingdom one day. It is a simple statement but it hit me SO strongly. I REALLY DO want to meet her in the Celestial Kingdom one day. I want her to be with Heavenly Father forever. I was deeply touched by how serious this work really is. When love is the base of the work here, it becomes much more than work.

Another tender mercy that I experienced was with our ami Nicholène. She is ready to be baptized but she has a few tiny concerns that we were talking about. She is concerned that tithing money is spent on temples, and that temples are a little too showy. We tried to explain to her that we make temples the best we can out of respect for God and Jesus Christ. She still had a hard time so we figured it would be best to just bear testimony and hope that the spirit will help her feel peace. I told her that if I were asked to, I would give all of my money to the building of temples. I told her that I wouldn't care what the temple looks like only of anything except the work that is done inside. I love the temple with all of me heart! The promises I have made in the temple have blessed my life more than I could ever say. To me, temples are the greatest proof that God really loves us and wants to be with us again, and for that I truly would give everything I have.

It is a blessing to teach the gospel all day, everyday. It is by teaching that I continue to learn, and it is by bearing testimony that my own testimony is strengthened. I love being a missionary!!!! There is nothing else I would rather be doing with my life right now.

On a lighter note- it is FREEZING in France already. I don't know what happened but the leaves are colorful and the air is cold.

Alright well I hope you are all happy at home! I love you all!

Soeur Andrea

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