Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello family!!!

This week was a little crazy.

For starters, we knew that it wasn't going to be a normal week because we had zone conference on Wednesday then the sisters meeting on Friday, so we had a lot less time then usual for teaching. I'll just tell you about the week:

MONDAY after emails Soeur Brough and I went to Fontainebleau, a really old chateau not far from us. It was absolutely breath-taking!!! I love going and seeing castles. They are so beautiful and full of history. I will send you some pictures. It was a gorgeous day and it was a really fun adventure.

Also Monday night we had our first mangez-vous. I was really excited at first until we got there and then all of the sudden I was scared. Haha Although the French were absolutely GENIUS about some things like chocolates, breads, and patisseries some of their meals are not so fantastic. For some reason they eat a lot of raw meats and other weird arrangements. This mangez-vous however wasn't bad at all. We ate pork and green beans... and of course baguettes and cheese. Not bad at all.

TUESDAY was just hilarious for some reason. Soeur Brough and I were running ALL DAY after trains and buses and it seemed like just everything feel into pieces. But we were laughing NON-STOP through it all. I seriously LOVE Soeur Brough; we have such a good time together. One extra funny thing that happened that you might appreciate hearing about is that we were at one of the train stations trying to catch our next train. The train was already there so we were running FAST all the way across the gare. So when we were running up the stairs to get to the train Soeur Brough tripped and fell down the stairs. I immediately started laughing and then I tripped and fell down the stairs right next to her. It was SO funny. We were laughing about that one for a really long time. Both of us were fine, I just got an ugly bruise on my knee. And two little side notes about that one- there were tons of people around who saw and laughed AND we still missed our train. HAHA It might sound silly but I think that times like that make me love the mission even more- I am making some pretty good memories.

Later that day, we were walking home and a stick got stuck to the bottom of Soeur Brough's skirt and it dragged on the ground for a really long time. For some reason that too was hilarious to us. I guess that being a missionary we are just really easily amused.

WEDNESDAY we went to Paris for my first Zone Conference. Downtown Paris was especially busy and exciting. (I love being able to go there so frequently.) I LOVE ZONE CONFERENCE! It was like being in the MTC again- you get this spiritual boost that gets you so excited for the work and so grateful for the opportunity we have to be the Lord's missionaries. We talked a lot about miracles and faith. I absolutely know that I was called to be a part of the Paris France Mission for many specific reasons (President Staheli, the culture, the people here, the other missionaries I am serving with...). I love being here!

THURSDAY we had a busy day planned out, full of rendez-vous but that didn't exactly end up happening.

Let me fill you in on some of our Paris France Mission lingo- there is a drink called a Frugi and when you drink it, it is sweet at first but then it gets bitter. Every time that an ami doesn't show up to a rendez-vous we call it a "Frugi" or "getting Frujed". Well, we were frujed A LOT this week.

Well, Soeur Brough and I made some really good goals to teach more lessons with members there so on Sunday we talked to a bunch of members and set up tons of lessons for them to join us in. And I am not really sure how it happened but every single one canceled on us. It was frustrating at first but then we realized that it was out of our control so there is no use in stressing about it. We are doing everything we can to make it work, and if it still doesn't, it's okay. I think that is when it becomes funny. Like a "Are you for real?!?!" kind of funny.

FRIDAY was a special day. We went up to Paris to the mission home and had a special Sister's Meeting with President and Sister Staheli. All of the sisters from the mission were there. There are 27 of us right now. I guess that President hasn't done this before but felt really inspired to have this sister meeting. He and Sister Staheli talked to us about the different between DOING and BEING. They are both really important but that often times BEING is a lot more important. For example- we can DO missionary work or we can BE missionaries (true disciples of Christ). They talked to us about not comparing ourselves to others and the importance of our own personal worth. It was a perfect meeting.

SATURDAY was a lot like Thursday. Lots of Frugies. But it ended up being a GREAT blessing.

On Wednesday I started feeling REALLY nauseous and getting strong head aches, but I thought it was just because of all of the public transportation. Then starting Friday I started being insanely exhausted! So every time we got fruged I would sleep and I would sleep all day and never not be tired. Then my throat started feeling swollen and then my ears started hurting.Now I'm really achy. Long story short, I don't know what is wrong but whatever I have it is NOT fun! Don't worry about me though!!!! The Lord looks after His missionaries. I called President and spoke with him and Sister Staheli. They both told me to sleep as much as I can- which is literally all day (I'm always exhausted-WAY more than normal). Sister Staheli also had a doctor from Germany call me. They told me to go to the doctor today so Soeur Brough and I went this morning. We have to go back tomorrow for some blood tests, then back to meet with the doctor again on Friday. I also have a medical visit this Thursday for my legality. But really, don't worry about me! I will be fine!

It was hard yesterday though- I just wished that I had mom to hold me and take care of me and dad to give me a blessing. I might sound like a little baby when I say that but I guess that is just part of growing up.

One of my MTC friends, Elder Coburn is serving in Evry too and that has been a blessing. It is nice to have someone to really understand about being a little homesick once in a while and missing family and not being able to communicate.

Well, Please keep me in your prayers. I don't want to be in bed sleeping all day. I would really prefer being out and teaching. Again, don't worry about me. I will be fine.

I love you all!!

Sister Andrea McClaine

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