Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello Family!

As always, I am wonderful and loving every second of being a missionary.

Soeur Strunk and I grow closer and closer every day. As I mentioned last week, we teach ALL THE TIME! Well, it's been our goal to become more unified and follow the Spirit when we teach. This week I feel we have seen the fruits of our labors. Our lessons have been incredible (not because of anything we do specifically, but because we follow the Spirit). At the MTC you can have "Progressive Investigators"-teachers who play the role of someone they taught on their mission. This gives us a chance to help and teach people throughout our time at the MTC. Well, Soeur Strunk and I have been teaching a boy named Triston (our favorite P.I.). He is amazing, and so fun! We have come to become good friends with him and we love him so much, the only thing is that he hasn't been very good at keeping his commitments. Well this week everything changed, and yesterday I got to extend my first baptismal invitation!!! I can't even explain the joy I feel when I get to help others change in their life. I can't wait to teach real people! I love being a missionary.

This week the Provo temple opened again, and we had the opportunity to go to the temple today. I love the temple so much! I learn something new every single time I go. It was special to be in the temple with our elders. It helped me realize that the work we are involved in is eternal and essential.

Almost 600 new missionaries came into the MTC this week-the largest group of 2010 so far. And 63 of them were for our zone (they asked some of the missionaries to delay coming in for a few weeks). Now we have almost 100 missionaries in our zone. It is incredible! We had the opportunity to "Host" for the new missionaries. It was fun to get to know some of the new sisters and help them settle in. Some sisters were crying, some were completely nervous, and some were just full of excitement. It reminded me of how I felt just a few weeks ago, leaving my family for 18 months, knowing that my entire life was changing from that point on. I am so happy that I am serving the Lord as a full-time missionary. I am confident that I will NEVER regret this decision. I am especially grateful for everyone who helped me make the decision to serve....especially you Mom! :] Thank you!

We have 5 new sisters in my Zone. They are from Bulgaria, Texas, Utah, California, and England. They will be serving in Canada(2), Toulouse France, and Madagascar. (Guess what!?!?! The sister who didn't come a few months ago, she is coming on Monday! I am so happy for her!) Since there are 5 of them and only 4 empty beds in our room, they are down the hall. That means that Soeur Strunk and I have our own room! I'm not going to lie, it's REALLY nice. Haha

Well, we haven't received our travel plans yet, but they will probably get here tonight. I'll let you know next week. :]

Know that I'm doing well! I am happy! I am working hard and staying focused! I am learning and growing every second!

I love you all!!!! You are always in my prayers!

Love Eternally,
Soeur Andrea McClaine

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