Saturday, July 3, 2010

what a week!

Hello Family!

It has been a wonderful week! I have so much to write, but like usual, not a lot of time to email. I will try my best to tell you everything. I'm sorry if it is all over the place.

Well, the New Mission President Seminar was AMAZING because literally ALL of the apostles and first presidency were here. On Friday night for our "Special Fireside" Elder Dallin H. Oaks spoke to us about how we are the only true and living church on the face of the earth. It was a very powerful message. What a treat! Also, there were 8 apostles there!!!! (Elder Holland, Elder Bednar, Elder Cook, Elder Nelson, Elder Scott, Elder Anderson, and Elder Christofferson) We were all thrilled to be with so many of the Lords apostles.

Also, on Sunday for Relief Society Sister Susan C. Jones, from the General YW presidency came and spoke to us about having a zion companionship. She was an incredible speaker and very motivating. I am grateful that Soeur Strunk and I already have a very strong companionship. I'm sure that I will eventually have a difficult companion though, and the advice that Sister Jones gave will help me for the rest of my life, in all my relationships.

On Sunday night we had a fireside with Brother Stephan Allen from the Missionary Department. He spoke to us about all of the new changes that will be taking place in the church to help missionary work. On July 7th the church will be launching a new Mormon.Org that allows people to post their own conversion stories. She showed us a sneak preview. It is amazing! I love how the church is branching out and I know it will help missionary work grow. He also showed us a new movie "The District 2" which is a sequel to a movie for missionaries. It is like a documentary of missionaries and how we can follow their examples. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!

Also on Sunday, I met with my Branch President and he asked me to be the new Coordinating Sister. This means that I will work closely with the Zone Leaders and directly oversee the sisters in our zone. I will have to go to a few more meetings a week, but I am grateful for more opportunities to serve. We have a new sister coming this week. I am excited to help her.

So....(I don't know if all zones are like this, but I know ours is) There is a huge competition in our zone to see which district can take the best district photo. Everyone takes district photos and puts them by their class door. My district took some pretty amazing photos this week. I will be sending them in the mail today so you should be getting them soon. I'm pretty sure that we are the best district here!!!! Really though, I love my district so much! They are all amazing! And I found out that one of my good friends from my district, Elder Hales, his dad is the secretary to the first presidency. Pretty cool huh?!?!

As a district we have decided to start having "English Fasts" at least once a week. (Where we speak nothing but french for a whole day) We had our first fast on Tuesday and it was great! Of course it was really hard, but great! We will be having another fast this Monday. Also, we have been contacting and teaching in french a lot lately. It is pretty amazing. The other day we were contacting and as Soeur Strunk was talking I thought to myself "Wow! We are really speaking French right now. When did this happen? Haha"

For our devotional on Tuesday Sister Elaine S. Dalton came and spoke to us about the importance of virtue and confidence. It was incredible! I feel so blessed to hear from so many church leaders here at the MTC.

I have some fun news for you...this Thurday the 8th I will be flying to San Fransisco to meet with the French Consolate (I may have spelled that wrong. I don't know.) So a few of us from my district will fly there together really early in the morning, have our meeting, go sight seeing, then fly back that night. I'm excited to leave the MTC for a day. I feel so detached from the world. Haha

PLEASE wish Kenny a Happy Birthday for me! I miss him so much! I will ask and see if we will be allowed to call from the airport on Thursday. If so I will call and wish him a Happy Birthday. :]

Thank you all for you love, prayers, letters and packages! I feel so special to get so much mail. I am grateful for all of the support I have from home.

Keep up the hard work. Way to go Mom and Dad in keeping your missionary schedule. I'm proud of you!

I love it here! This week my testimony has grown so much! I know that the field is white and ready to be harvested! I know that there are people being prepared right now for me. I can't wait to bring others to Christ.

I love you all!!! Expect a letter soon! :]

Love Eternally,
Soeur Andrea McClaine

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